What is PT&ME?

PT&ME is a Personal Training platform for Trainers wishing to connect with clientele in their local area. Trainers go to the client’s location, allowing the client to exercise in the comfort of a location best suited to them.

The convenience of the PT&ME software is managed through this website where clients can book on demand sessions with available Trainers nearby.

How does PT&ME work?

The biggest benefit with PT&ME is working on your own terms! As a sub-contracted Trainer to PT&ME, Trainers manage their own available days, hours and location through the unique PT&ME Trainer app which connects to the PT&ME website for clientele to see. This means no 9-5 or standing around a gym floor waiting for your next potential customer to walk through the door! Some Trainers use PT&ME every day, where others just try to fill the few hours between existing clients/commitments in their working week. You have the flexibility to work WHEN you want and WHERE you want without the added costs of expensive gym rental fees.

When booked, Trainers receive an email with the client’s details. The Trainer then calls the client to introduce themselves, find out their goals and confirm the sessions location. Payments, receipts, follow ups, future bookings etc. are all easily managed through the PT&ME software.

Trainers construct their own programs for sessions and are responsible in bringing their own equipment.

Why work with PT&ME?

Why make things hard! We’ve crafted the platform to be easy to use, while still offering powerful features designed to help your PT business. You can log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet, I-Phone or Android. It’s software that’s simple, smart and easily accessible.

Unlike a big box gym, PT&ME does not charge a rental structure, sign-up fee or on-going website fees. So, instead of having to provide payment each week whether busy or not, PT&ME works off a percentage split for each session. Trainers receive 70% and PT&ME receive 30%. This means that you have absolutely no expense to display your business on the PT&ME website!

PT&ME manage ALL on-going marketing fees, which allow Trainers to just focus on training their clientele.

What is PT&ME’s pricing structure?

PT&ME workouts are based on 45minute sessions and are priced by PT&ME. Pricing depends on level of qualifications.

Trainers with Cert III & IV in Fitness

One-on-one Sessions:

  • 45minute session – $70.00

Trainers with a Cert III & IV in Fitness & have been a PT for over 10 years OR have a University Degree that compliments the training sessions

One-on-one Sessions:

  • 45minute session – $80.00

Group Sessions:

All group sessions run for 45minutes in length.

  • 2-3 People – $40.00 per person
  • 4-5 People – $30.00 per person
  • 6+ People – $20.00 per person

Pack Options:

  • 10 Session Pack includes 5% off
  • 20 Session Pack includes 10% off
  • 30 Session Pack includes 15% off

What safety does PT&ME provide you when offering mobile services?

PT&ME is affiliated with Solo Safe, a device that works using the Telstra mobile network to communicate to our Certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centre. If assistance is required, the user presses the SOS button, which will then vibrate indicating that an SOS alarm has been initiated. The alarm will be received by our 24/7 monitoring station where the operators will be presented with the clients file, containing any medical, personal, hazardous and information of their job role. The device permits 1-way or 2-way communication, allowing the user to have the ability to speak directly to an operator or used as a mobile hold up button. Please see video below explaining more about SoloSafe and its features.


Haven’t got your Personal Training qualifications yet?

The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers is a privately owned registered training organisation, specialising in a range of health, wellness and fitness qualifications which are delivered both online and face-to-face. Ask us about their courses today!